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Healthy Living in a Toxic World, Issue #15
April 10, 2015
Good Evening


If you saw one of my earlier newsletters, you would have noticed that I highly recommend a more alkaline diet to improve many health problems including toxic mold exposure. I have noticed people exposed to toxic mold, are very acidic. I think toxicity of any sort creates an acidic environment in your body.

Just to clarify, I still think the low carb diet is very helpful but I think that the alkaline diet is a further improvement on the low carb principle. The alkaline diet is definitely more difficult to follow than the low carb or paleo diet because we are not used to eating this way but it is well worth the effort. When I am doing alkaline (my schedule does not always allow it), I feel amazing!

This Alkaline Recipes ebook might be just what you and I need to help us get started with eating more alkaline meals and feeling amazing!

The more alkaline days I experience, the more I do not wish to go back to my old eating habits. My goal is to eventually become 80% alkaline, that is take in 60% vegetables and 20% fruit, 10% chicken, fish and other proteins, 10% grains.


If you are suffering with sinus problems from black mold exposure, you should always have this product on hand to quickly clean out your nose. I use it when I know I have been in an environment with mold. After leaving the moldy environment as soon as possible I spray Simply Saline Nasal Spray into each nostril 3 times, blowing my nose after each spray. That is a great way to clean out any mold spores that might have entered your nose.

Why this product instead of a Nettie pot?

Number one it is much easier and quicker to use. The Nettie pot requires a lot of preparation to do it right. You should never use anything but sterile or boiled water in a Nettie Pot. I used to do Nettie Pots all the time and it is a project. For people that have been exposed to toxic mold, this is something that should be on hand at all times, in case of a mold exposure. A quick cleaning can make an exposure much less intense in my experience. I carry one in my purse at all times.

Number two, Simply Saline Nasal Spray stays sterile throughout use of the entire bottle because it is pressurized. I used to use Ocean Nasal spray for a while but found that I would worry about whether it had been contaminated or not. It also contains some preservatives that make your nose burn.

Number Three, there are no preservatives in Simply Saline.

Number Four, it's also good if you have been exposed to someone with a cold or flu. One of the main reasons people become ill after being exposed to cold and flu viruses is that those viruses after becoming airborn, lodge in your nose and it is there that the virus or bacteria actually start to replicate and grow. If you wash them out and also kill them with the salt water spray, you are much less likely to get sick.

Simply Saline Adult Nasal Mist, Allergy and Sinus Giant Size, 4.25-Ounce

Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Nasal Mist Giant Size: 3 Packs of 4.25 Oz - Sms


Dr. Mary Ray DO

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