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Healthy Living in a Toxic World, Issue #15
September 22, 2015
Good Evening!


Hi! Dr. Ray here.

If you have been exposed to toxic mold you know how important it is to stick to a low carb diet in order to feel better.

If you don't know this then let me tell you.

In my many years of counseling patients exposed to toxic mold, one thing has remained a constant fact. That fact is that if you have been exposed to toxic mold, a low carb diet is essential to felling better.

Many people exposed to toxic mold discover this by trial and error. They simply notice that when they eat sugar or grains they just don't feel very good.

So, to help you with this low carb diet, I present to you, the paleo diet.

The paleo diet consists of meats, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and healthy oils. The paleo diet does not include grains, sugars, junk food, and dairy products.

Many people who follow a paleo diet report feeling a lot better overall with more energy and relief of chronic pains.

So, after doing some research, I found a new Paleo Diet Cookbook with hundreds of delicious recipes to help you enjoy your low carb diet! It is also loaded with wonderful pictures that will make your mouth water. I ordered one for myself and I can't wait to try a lot more of the recipes myself. Just click on the lick below to learn more about how to make delicious meals with this really great Paleo Diet Cookbook:


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Dr. Mary Ray DO

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