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Healthy Living in a Toxic World, Issue #001 -- teaser here
November 29, 2014






Did you know that dangerous ingredients can be found in a majority of the food items you purchase from a grocery store or any of your favorite restaurants? These ingredients can be harmful and even life threatening.

Fact: A recent study conducted by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association states that over 80% of packaged foods eaten in the U.S. every day are contaminated with at least one toxic ingredient. These ingredients are responsible for putting your health at risk.

Did you know that as your weight increases, so does the risk of getting cancer?

Fact: The American Cancer Society discloses that excess body weight contributes to as many as 1 out of 5 of all cancer related deaths. Not only that, but 1 out of 3 deaths are also linked to poor nutrition and physical inactivity. Don’t you, as a consumer, want to know exactly what you are putting into your body?

Fact: Food labels are not required to fully disclose the amounts of certain ingredients contained within foods you consume.

I am here to open your eyes and help you learn the truth about food ingredients!

But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Anthony Alayon and all my colleagues call me the “Toxic Ingredient Food Decoder”. I know it may sound a bit like a tongue twister, but with over 14 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I have spent thousands of hours relentlessly researching food ingredients and the effects they have on our bodies.

Fortunately, while being surrounded by top health experts, I was able to compile the best strategies on how to fight aging to live a long and healthy life. During my research, I discovered literally over 101 ingredients have a negative effect on our bodies, but I also uncovered which ingredients have positive health benefits as well.

Just click on the link below to get a free look at 3 of the 101 toxic food ingredients listed in this book. These 3 highly toxic ingredients, that you are most likely consuming every day, can cause cancer, while increasing your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, brain tumors, epilepsy, and depression, just to name a few. By simply removing these toxic food ingredients, you can instantly increase your cognitive function, normalize your blood pressure, and decrease your chances of acquiring life threatening diseases.



When I was very ill with toxic mold syndrome, eating more of a raw food diet really helped relieve some of my symptoms tremendously. I believe a raw food diet really works wonders. I try to eat raw as much as I can and whenever I feel really bad or need a lot of energy I go completely raw and feel wonderful.

This raw diet will double or even triple your energy levels in just 7 Days, the quick and easy way while eating real wholesome food!

This 7 day diet will help remove toxins and cleanse your body from the inside out to feel refreshed and re-vitalized.

Not only will a detox assist you in re-alkalizing your body causing you to feel more energetic, invigorated, healthier, less bloated and all round happier, it will also assist you in beginning to create new life-enhancing eating habits that will also impact the people in your life and family. You can break a habit anytime, but creating one may take time. So using this full 7 days with all the recipes, shopping lists, meal planners, VIP support group and more might just be exactly what you need to create new positive eating habits creating a much healthier and happier lifestyle. Live longer! Live stronger! You deserve to feel good and be happy! You deserve to have more energy!



You can say good-bye to your geographic tongue in as little as 2 short weeks from today!

2 weeks? Yes, I know it may sound hard to believe. And I know you may have heard such promises before. But what you are about to hear about isn’t mere conjecture. It’s proven to work, in case after case, on real people, with raging geographic tongue and all of it's nasty symptoms! This book will show you actual case histories from former geographic tongue sufferers.

And these little-known breakthroughs can work equally well for you too. Here’s a small sample of what these amazing all-natural treatments can do for you:

◾Eliminate bald patches and white rings on your tongue ◾Wipe out nagging painful burning mouth ◾Eradicate tongue “scallops” ◾Get rid of “beefy tongue” ◾Plus, restore your tongue’s natural healthy pink color

Ultimately, heal the root cause of your geographic tongue, not just treat your symptoms like drugs do!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tim McMahon and I’ve been there!

I suffered from geographic tongue and through a unique set of circumstances I learned how to get rid of it. You see, shortly after college, I developed Crohn’s disease, which slowly restricted the flow through my intestines. The doctors watched helplessly as I went from a healthy, athletic, 135 lbs down to a scrawny emaciated 95 lbs. Eventually, I looked like I just escaped from a concentration camp because every mouthful I ate caused pain so severe that I literally rolled on the floor in agony…

I actually thought I was going to die (and I looked like it too.) Eventually, I had 1/3rd of my intestines removed. Then just as I eliminated one problem, I developed a severe combined case of thrush and geographic tongue… which took me years to eliminate.

But the up side of this painful experience is that eventually I discovered the solution, not only for my tongue problems but for yours as well.

And because I wanted to help others avoid some of the pain and embarrassment that I had to go through… I spent two years researching and compiling a virtual “gold mine” of valuable information on a variety of other tongue problems as well.

You can follow the link below if you’d like to learn more.


Be well and be happy,

Dr. Mary Ray DO

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