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Healthy Living in a Toxic World, Issue #15
October 16, 2015
Good Morning,


Austin-Air air purifiers can be an effective temporary solution to a toxic black mold problem in your home, until you can fix the problem.

Here is something to think about. We eat and drink 4 to 5 or more times a day. But we breath air in and out every second of the day.

So, in a way what we are breathing in is more important than what we are eating or drinking! If you are breathing in bad air, it is much more likely to have a negative impact on your health!

I think of my Austin-Air air purifier as my peripheral lung. It filters out all the things I do not want to be filtering out with my lungs. Better the air filter than my lungs!

Austin-Air helps me tolerate mold and mycotoxins in buildings. It's not a perfect solution (remediation is best) but it's better than nothing.

Why choose Austin-Air air purifiers? They are a reputable company that and they have been around for a long time.Their products are manufactured in the USA with high standards for quality.

They are reasonably priced and their filters last 5 years.

You know exactly what you are getting; both HEPA and carbon filters and in addition filters that even remove VOCs which are the cause of horrid mold symptoms.

I like Austin-Air purifiers, in particular the Healthmate Plus because of their following features:

HEPA filters with a tight seal:

HEPA filters are very effective in removing mold spores from the air and Austin Air HEPA filters filter particles as small as .3 microns.

Most mold spores are 1 micron or larger. So a filter that catches particles as small as .3 microns would catch all mold spores.

HEPA filters have different degrees of efficiency based on how much air passes through the filter which ultimately has to do with how tight a seal the HEPA filter has to the unit. The tighter the seal, the more air goes through the HEPA filter rather than just around it. The tighter the seal, the more expensive the unit is. That is what makes a difference in the price. So therefore a less expensive unit is not going to have a tight seal and not all the air going through the unit is going to be filtered.

You want to look for units that say that there is a good seal to make the HEPA filter more efficient. Austin Air units have an excellent seal that makes them one of the best.

CFMs: Another thing to look for in air purification units is CFMs which stands for cubic feet per minute. This tells you how many cubic feet of air is purified per minute. The higher the number, the more it changes the air per minute. Good units will deliver anywhere from 250 to 560 CFMs. Austin Air units deliver 250 CFMs of air purification.

CARBON FILTERS: Carbon filters are very important for helping with a mold problem because the highly porous carbon will very efficiently filter out the VOCs (ie mycotoxins) that the mold spores emit.

Some units like the HealthMate Plus (click on the link below) contain zeolite in addition to the carbon which is very effective at removing VOCs (mycotoxins) and chemicals from the air. This is very important for people with a mold problem because the VOC's (mycotoxins) are the substance that makes people sick.

By lessening the amount of VOCs (mycotoxins) you are breathing in, you will greatly be improving your condition. Mold remediation is still the best answer, but for those that are unable to remediate due to financial constraints, this may be the best temporary solution to ease symptoms of toxic mold exposure. And don't forget the filter lasts for 5 years so that is 5 years of clean air that you are getting! Would you pay 129 dollars per year for clean air and ultimately better health?

Steel construction:

This is another thing to look for in a quality unit because steel is sturdier and there is no plastic off gassing.

In summary, Austin Air, especially the HealthMate Plus, has all the important features of a very efficient high quality air purifier that is good for people that are exposed to toxic mold: highly efficient HEPA with a tight seal, highly porous activated charcoal with zeolite to absorb VOCs (mycotoxins), a good CFM, sturdy steel construction and a 5 year life on the filter.



Dr. Mary Ray DO

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