The most important of our policies is our mission to provide products helpful in your recovery from toxic mold including mold testing kits, air purifiers, brown seaweed detox-supplements, anti-candida supplements, support packs, adrenal support supplements, allergy support supplements, and Dr. Ray's book "Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome" at reasonable prices. We understand how difficult this illness is both physically and financially so we aim to extend the best service to our customers. We do not believe it is ethical to take advantage of people with toxic mold syndrome by increasing the price of products and services.

Many of these products have been found by Dr. Ray, to help people exposed to toxic mold feel better and recover quicker.

Some of these products assist the body in removing mold toxins from the body and some just help you feel more comfortable during the detox process.

Some products help to deal with fungal overgrowth (one of the side effects of mold exposure) like candicid forte, Candidase and lactobacillus sporogenes.

Other products help you to go through this illness more comfortably like the enzyme, nattokinase.

To date there are no scientific studies on supplements that help those exposed to toxic mold.

Everyone is different and may have different responses to different substances. The supplements in this Mold Help Store are supplements that Dr. Ray has found helpful in both her patients and herself.

Any suggestions on this website are intended to be followed along with guidance and supervision by a physician or health care provider.

Dr Ray provides updated information as it becomes available and spends time researching new information on this syndrome.

We would like to be able to help every one who emails us asking for assistance, but it is impossible due to the large number of requests we receive. We try to answer most emails but we ask you to please purchase a phone consult so we can afford to keep running this website.

Our phone consultations can be purchased off this website com on the Phone Consults page.

Phone consults are 50 dollars per half hour or 100 dollars per hour. Once you make your payment, We will respond via email to schedule a time to talk.

Consultations are for information only. Dr Ray cannot prescribe medications or treatment for you. She cannot make a diagnosis over the phone. She can help you work with your doctor or healthcare professional to point you in the right direction to get the proper care.

Dr. Ray does not get involved in legal matters or write letters for people suing for workman's comp or other reasons.

Toxic mold exposure is very real and has devastated many lives. Until the medical profession starts recognizing this as an illness and laws are passed to protect citizens from this horrible environmental hazard, it is very difficult to get any justice or help. There are a few doctors who are involved in the legal battles. The legal battles are usually unfair, long and vicious for both the plaintiff and the physician involved.

Those exposed to toxic mold need to fight this by writing letters to congressmen, standing up to landlords by refusing to pay rent under unlivable conditions, and speaking out about the dangers of toxic mold. Also, if we all keep bugging our doctors about this, it has to be recognized eventually by the medical profession.

One of the reasons Dr. Ray wrote her book "Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome" was to be able to recommend that people bring this book to their doctor and have them read it. It is not very long. It is very simple and to the point. We know first hand how little time doctors have. It is a book written by a doctor which should lend credibility. By showing this book to their doctor, people would then be spreading the word about toxic mold, it's symptoms, treatment and diagnosis to the medical profession. And furthermore, if the doctor is open minded enough to agree to treat the patient with cholestyramine, he or she may be interested to notice the patient feeling a whole lot better on the medication. If more physicians recognize this illness that is a step in the right direction.

Together, we can fight this crime to humanity and prevent this horrible illness from ruining so many lives.

Please read through the entire website especially the home page which gives an outline of steps that need to be taken when trying to recover from toxic mold. Also, please consider joining the Toxic Mold Support Group which is a Facebook group that you can be invited to by joining on the Support Group webpage of this website. In this Facebook group you can converse with others about treatments that work and get support from others who have been through the same experience.

We wish you the best as you work to regain your health. Best of all we wish you hope, for you must not give up hope in this devastating illness. People do recover and live normal lives. Do not give up hope!


The information and contents provided on's website is for informational purposes only and is not meant to take the place of the advice given by your doctor or health care professional. It is not recommended that you use the information on this website to diagnose or treat a health care problem or prescribe any medication. Information on diet and dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The ingredients in all products purchased off this website should be read carefully prior to use and discussed with your health care professionals.

Any suggestions on this website are intended to be followed along with guidance and supervision by a physician or health care provider.


U.S. orders are generally shipped out within 1 to 2 days of ordering. We use the United States Post Office on all orders. We occasionally will use another carrier upon request.

We ship first class for everything 13 ounces and under and priority mail for everything over 13 ounces.

Our Mold Help Store Policy of FREE SHIPPING is offered on all supplements, mold test kits and support packs and books.

Austin Air purifiers are offered on our Mold Help Store with free shipping only in the continental United States (ie not including Alaska and Hawaii)


All international orders are shipped through the US Postal Service. is not responsible for delays or losses due to Customs or import taxes and is unable to refund product and shipping charges for orders that are denied entry.

Orders for Austin Air purifiers to Alaska and Hawaii will need to pay 75.00 for shipping and their orders need to be placed by calling 248-798-6223.

We do not ship Austin Air purifiers internationally. If you do purchase one to be shipped internationally you will be contacted by email and refunded through paypal.


If an item is out of stock, we will fill the remainder of your order with the out of stock item on back order. As soon as the back ordered item is back in stock we will ship it out at no additional shipping charge. A back ordered item usually will get to you in 10 to 14 days from the day your order was placed.


Returns of products purchased from the Mold Help Store have the following requirements:

- we do not accept any returns on supplements or mold test kits purchased from the Mold Help Store opened or unopened. We at are committed to the quality of our products and therefore we do not resell returned supplements or mold test kits. You can be sure that the products you receive have been kept under our control from the time we have received them until they are shipped out to you.

If you are not satisfied with a product you may request a partial refund. Refunds will be the cost you purchased the product for minus our cost of the product, paypal service fees and shipping fees.

-we do accept returns on books as long as the book is in good condition.

-Austin Air purifiers are shipped directly from Austin Air. Austin Air has a policy to offer a full refund within 30 days of purchasing from our Mold Help Store. Just call us within 30 days if you want to return your Austin Air purifier at 248-798-6223 and we will get your return processed.


If you receive a package that has been damaged call us immediately at 248-798-6223 with the invoice number and we will make every effort to solve this problem as soon as possible. Make sure you save the box and it's contents.