It has been 4 years since my first extensive exposure to toxic mold. But about 9 months ago I still was not feeling 100% well. My immune system seemed to be low. Last September I put myself on a strict gluten free diet and have not looked back since. I think I started noticing more energy right away. It took about 3 to 4 months for me to start feeling much better...more normal.

I am still gluten free and I don't think I will try to come off the diet. I think it is a healthy diet to be on as long as brown rice and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies are included.

Why would a gluten free diet help a toxic mold survivor? My theory is that it helps to heal the gut lining that was most likely damaged by invasion of candida that occurred when the body was immune suppressed from toxic mold. Gluten flattens out the gut lining in people sensitive to it and makes absorption difficult. When absorption is not efficient lots of nutrients are left in the gut to ferment and be food for candida.

I did not test positive for celiac...I tested negative but new research has suggested that there may be sensitivity to gluten in some that test negative to the celiac tests. For those that do not know, celiac disease is the name of the gluten sensitivity syndrome. There are blood tests for celiac disease that you can get your doctor to perform on you.

I recently heard that a bicycling team on the Tour De France has adopted a gluten free diet because they find it gives them more energy.

A gluten free diet is hard but once you adapt by finding the gluten free substitutes for your favorite foods its not that bad. I still enjoy many foods. I have gluten free pizza. I use brown rice bread and rice crackers. I eat a lot more corn.

Do I crave bread? Yes. But I know it will not make me feel very well so I still avoid it. Its still hard when I am at a party and a delicious looking pizza is tempting me. Or when I am at a restaurant ad they bring out fresh warm rolls with butter. That is hard but then I remind myself how much better I feel and I feel that it is worth it to forgo the temporary satisfaction that bread would provide.

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