If you are wondering if there is a possibility that there could be mold growing in your walls even though you had an air quality test and a mold inspection and both turned up negative for toxic mold, the answer is yes there is a possibility!

Mold inspectors typically visually inspect your house, do an air quality test and use a moisture meter to check the walls for moisture.

But they can miss a lot depending on how good or bad they are.

I have seen some run so quickly through the house with the moisture meter that it was ridiculous.

And I have watched some see a lit up area on the moisture meter and without even checking passed it off as probably a pipe, when it was later found after cutting a hole in that spot, that the dry wall was wet and covered with stachybotrys on the backside of the drywall!

And the air quality test using an air pump and spore trap is a very unreliable test because molds only emit their spores at certain times of the day that depend on atmospheric conditions. So if you happen to test at a time the molds are not emitting spores, you might not find any mold spores at all.

So, what do you do if the air quality test was normal and the mold inspector did not find anything but you still feel sick in your house and suspect you may have mold that is possibly growing hidden in the walls?



I will start with moisture meters because I have recently had a positive experience using one

I purchased a moisture meter off Amazon because my family was having symptoms in the house. I purchased a Ryobi Pinless moisture meter but Amazon has not had this type of moisture meter in stock for a long time. The moisture meter in the link below is comparable to the one I used and a little less expensive.

General Tools & Instruments MMD7NP Moisture Meter, Pinless, Digital LCD with Tricolor Bar Graph

 I decided to check around the house for wet drywall.

I ran the meter over the walls in our house and it almost seemed like it was not working because everything read 0%.  So I surmised our house was either very dry or the machine was not working.

But then I suddenly hit it.

One spot on the drywall outside the walk in shower in the master bathroom right next to where some of us sleep, read out an elevated moisture content of 29%!

Most likely  this means that there is a leak in the tile in the shower and I recently found out our house may not have the required green board that is needed around shower walls but instead has regular drywall.

So, of course I closed off those rooms for us to stay out of and I plan to hire a remediator in asap to get this fixed. Moist drywall almost always means stachybotrys and other toxic mold growth.

So, I am now a big fan of moisture meters! I just wish I had bought it years ago to catch the problem before it made people sick.

Other advantages of moisture meters  are that they are a lot easier to find than mold detecting dogs and are a lot less expensive! And they are probably a lot more accurate as I recently found wet drywall under a window with my moisture meter that the mold dog had completely missed.

There are 3 types of moisture meters

1. Pinless- requires no pins thus no damage to your wall

2 Pin only- has 2 pins that you stick into the wall thus damaging the wall

3. Pinless and Pins - this type ahs the option to use either pins or the pinless mose to test for moisture in drywall

This moisture meter that I chose is the pinless kind.

You also need to make sure it has a mode to test drywall as well as different types of wood. The unit above that I chose has all those options

I really think everyone should have one of these in their house as one of their basic tools (like a hammer) so that problems like leaks can be found before they cause extensive mold growth and the resultant health problems.

General Tools & Instruments MMD7NP Moisture Meter, Pinless, Digital LCD with Tricolor Bar Graph

The advantage to doing moisture meter reading yourself are:

1. No one is going to be as careful and comprehensive as you in your own house.

2. You can spend as much time as you need over several days if necessary to do it right.

3. Its probably cheaper than most mold inspectors.

4. You will always have this useful tool to keep ahead of water leaks in your house or if you were to move to a new house.

Watch the utube video below to see how moisture meter testing is done. Its really very simple and easy to use and kind of fun.



For very little money you can now see what is on the inside of your walls!

Borescopes are cameras with LED lights on the end of a tube that are attached to a USB cable that you insert into the USB port on your computer (the same place you plug the printer in or your cell phone). And they are cheap!

Hook one of these borescopes up to your computer with the USB cable that is part of this instrument and you can cut a hole in your wall and insert the hose into the wall to see what is in your walls.

The LED light allows you to see.

Just don't forget to wear a respirator mask while doing this and cut a small hole and immediately insert the hose and immediately close up the hole with plastic duct tape after you remove the hose. Also take a shower and wash your clothes and hair afterwards as toxic molds spores can get everywhere pretty quickly.

HD 2 Million Pixels Waterproof Borescope with 6 LED Lights Endoscope Inspection Camera Pipe Cam Tool Included with Adjustable 6 Led Lights Updated Version

2,000,000 pixels CMOS camera. 
Captures snapshot image or video in VGA format with 1280*720 resolutions. 
It has 6 built-in LED lights (with Brightness Control) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area. 
The flexible camera is waterproof with 10mm diameter so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes. 
The USB Cable length is 5m. 
With a soft CD to record a video. 
This inspection camera has many applications including ear, nose oral & throat treatment, HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, automotive, boat, aircraft inspection. Product Details: (length 5m) 
Image sensor type: cmos 
Lens diameter: 10mm 
Hardware Pixels: 2,000,000 
Image resolution: 1280*720 
Light source: super 6 bright LED lights 
With camera button and the LED light brightness adjustment 
Viewing Angle: 60 degrees 
Focal length: 2cm-10cm (best image at 6cm) 
Power supply: USB interface connected computer computer powered directly 
Waterproof grade: IP67 

Package List: 
1 * Mini USB Endoscope 
1 * Small hook 
1 * Magnet 
1 * Side audition 
1 * fixed set 
1 * CD 
1 * Manual

With 2 year warranty.

First the bad news. It has nothing to do with the camera, but with the hallucination I had when the manufacturer asked me to try the camera and tell you what I thought. In my mind, I pictured how wonderful it would be to hook this to a small Android tablet and for an inexpensive and effective inspection system. The problem is, there's not software I could find to support that. From what I could tell using The Google, lots of people are looking for exactly the same thing with a similar lack of success.

Ok, so it doesn't work in a way it was never supposed to but, you ask, how does it do running with Windows? Turns out, it works very well... eventually.
You get:
- The camera/cable
- The tools (a small magnet, a small hook, a small mirror, and a collar to hold one or more of these the camera
- The software

The camera/cable has a camera with four LEDs on one end, a USB connector with knob to set the light lever on the other end, and about 15' of cable in the middle. It looks well constructed and reasonably durable.
The tools are tiny and could come in handy if you want to retrieve some small thing that was dropped in a dark, unreachable place.

The software is the interesting bit. It comes on one of those tiny CDs and my PC couldn't recognize the software it continued. I knew the program was called RsCap1 because that's what the 1/4 page user guide said. Back I went to The Google and found many places that had it available for download. However, without exception, my antivirus program (Nod32 this year) either blocked access to the sites or warned me against downloading the software. Not a problem though since YAWCAM (stands for Yet Another Web CAM) works just fine. It's available free from lots of trustable sources.

The images captured are very clear. The documentation claims the camera can focus from 3cm to infinity. My experience is that things are in best focus between one and two inches.

For the price, even if you don't have any "real" use for this camera, it's a great way to see parts of yourself and the world around you that you may never have seen before. I only wish someone would make Android software for this 'cause with this in my back pocket it could make me the life of the next party.

2 Million Pixels Cmos 5m USB Waterproof Hd 6-led Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Visual Camera


1. 100% brand new high quality waterproof endoscope.

2. 2 million pixels CMOS camera.

3. Capture snapshot image or video with 800x600,1024x768,1280x720,600x1200 resolutions.

4. Built-in LED light (with Brightness Control Gear Button) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area.

5. The flexible camera is waterproof with 8.5MM diameter so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes.

6. This inspection camera has many applications including ear, nose oral & throat treatment, HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, automotive, boat, aircraft inspection.

7. LED low LUX illuminance lights can work better when the light very dark

8. Powered by USB 2.0 port,compatiable with Windows 7,8,vista, IOS, android phone or tablet(micro USB adaptor needed).Easy to install and use.

9. Color: Black.

10.Cable length: 5M Package Includes: 1 x Mini USB Endoscope 1 x Small hook 1 x Magnet 1 x Side audition 1 x fixed set 1 x CD 1 x Manual




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