Change your oil by adding good oils to your diet and remove the bad oils to improve the quality of your cell membranes which is very important in recovery from toxic mold exposure.

Certain oils like phosphatidyl choline, butyrate, balance oil and evening primrose oil are very important in restoring normal cell membrane function.

The human body is composed of millions of cells. Each cell has a cell membrane that has many important functions in the body. Cell membranes are composed mostly of fat.

One theory to explain why toxic mold creates such havoc in the human body is that it disrupts the cell membranes of the body by altering the fats in the membranes.

This alteration of the fats in cell membranes leads to the formation of bad fats in the membranes. These bad fats in the membrane disrupt the function of the cell membrane causing all sorts of symptoms.

This would also explain why the symptoms seem to affect every organ system in the body.

Phosphatidyl choline is an important component of the cell membrane. Body Balance oil contains flax seed oil and sunflower oil in a 4:1 ratio that is important to get the cell membrane back to normal. Evening primrose oil provides GLA which is an important fatty acid involved in decreasing inflammation.

Thanks to the research of Patricia Kane PhD., this theory has emerged and treating the body to change the cell membranes and rid the body of bad fats has helped many to get relief.

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How to Change Your Oil

Avoid Bad Fats

No partially hydrogenated oils

No margarines

No processed oils

No canola oil

No peanuts or peanut oil

No mustard

No commercial mayonaise

No commercial salad dressings

Add The Good Fats

Eat high quality protein at each meal organic meat, poultry, eggs, fish (wild salmon and sardines)

Raw organic seeds and nuts

Organic 4:1 omega 6/omega 3 rich oils (2-6 tablespoons daily)

Free range organic eggs 4 daily

Organic butter


Cold pressed oils only (not for cooking) including;

Sunflower or Safflower oil (high linoleic)

Grapeseed oil maynonaise (Follow your heart Vegenaise)

Hemp seed oil (Nutiva)

Oils for cooking at high temperatures:

Butter (grass fed and/or organic

Oilive oil (extra virgin)

Coconut oil (Nutiva)

Homemade salad dressings or Whole Foods or Grateful Harvest Fresh organic dressings

Soft Organic cheeses:

cottage cheese


imported goat feta

fresh mozarella

whipped cream

Add Oil Supplements

Balance Oil

4:1 Balanced oil contains a clinically proven 4:1 ratio for omega 6 to omega 3 essential fatty acids. Essential fats nourish and cleanse the body and the brain

Body Balance Oil at


Primrose Oil is an essential omega 6 that is high in gamma linoleic acid (GLA) GLA is generally depleted in states of toxicity and is supportive to the immune system, brain, skin, GI tract, liver, kidney hormones, heart and brain.

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Phosphatidyl Choline

This is the most abundant phospholipid of the cell membrane and protects the liver against toxicity and infection. Phosphatidyl choline nourishes the cell membrane back to health. Taking 9 capsules of this at bedtime gradually detoxifies the liver while supporting cell membrane function.

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Calcium/Magnesium Butyrate

Butyrate is a fat soluble nutrient that helps sweep the liver, bile ducts, GI tract and bowel free of fat soluble toxins. It is also a potent inhibitor of ammonia and neurotoxins. The recommended dose is 2 capsules 2 times daily

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