Phone consultations purchased off this webpage are for information only. They do not establish a doctor patient relationship. Suggestions may be made but should always be evaluated by your physician or healthcare provider who knows you. They are meant to help point you in the right direction to get help.

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Phone consults with Dr. Mary Ray purchased off this website are for information only. There is never established a doctor patient relationship before, during or after a phone consult is completed. Suggestions may be made during the consult for you to follow up with your physician or healthcare provider. Dr. Ray cannot diagnose or treat you over the phone or write any prescriptions for you. If you decide to take one of the supplement protocols on our website you should do so under the guidance of your physician or healthcare provider. Phone consults cannot be used in legal matters or as a diagnosis of toxic mold syndrome. Dr. Ray does not write letters for legal matters on behalf of people that have had a phone consult with her. Phone consults are to help you determine the best way to handle your particular situation if you suspect you have or were diagnosed with toxic mold syndrome. Dr Ray can help you work with your healthcare provider, so you can get well.
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