Black Mold Sinusitis

Mold Stories

Toxic black mold can also cause chronic sinus infections that I have dubbed as "black mold sinusitis" . They are really hard to get rid of as I am learning myself.

What happens is that chronic inhalation of mold spores causes allergic reactions that cause the tissues in the nose and sinus openings to swell. When the openings to the sinuses swell, any mucous present in the sinus cavity can not drain and lies stagnant in that sinus cavity. Eventually the stagnant mucous can become infected, thus a sinus infection.

Even if you take an antibiotic that works, if you do not decrease the swelling to open the sinus cavity, it will not drain and the infection just comes right back or never goes away.

Ways to decrease swelling are


steroid nasal sprays

steam inhalation

allergy control

oral steroids in severe cases

Antihistamines can help decrease allergic reactions but sometimes they tend to make sinus infections worse by dryng you up too much. You can try them and stop if you get worse. Sometimes they may help.

But as I am finding out, a lot of these things do not work really well when you have an underlying mold problem in your house. Constant inhalation of mold spores can keep sinusitis going on for a long time.

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