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Black Mold News is a page on my website that will keep you updated on the latest information on toxic black mold and its treatment. Articles are summarized and a link to the actual article is provided at the end.

Bankers' Group Revisits Effects of Mold on Real Estate by Al Heavens

This article in the July 27 2007 issue of RealtyTimes reports that the Mortgage Bankers Association recently published an update of a white paper discussing the harmful effects of black mold on both the residential and commercial real estate businesses.

According to corporate insurance risk manager of Capmark Financial Group, Don Glitz, this was done to eliminate the misinformation that exists with regard to the mold issue because when toxic black mold invades a building the repercussions are:

-reduced cash flow through loss of rentals or reduction in rent cost.

-loss of money through remediation costs.

-loss of market value because the building is considered unfit

-loss of money through cost of litigation with tenants claiming to have become sick from the toxic mold.

Black mold is more dangerous than regular mold because it produces many toxic chemicals called mycotoxins in spores released by the mold. Small mold fragments that become airborne can contain these mycotoxins as well.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that a causal link between toxic mold and the "few" case reports of rare illnesses such as memory loss and pulmonary hemorrhaging from toxic mold, has not been proven.

Even though they know more about mold, insurance companies usually do not include mold problems in their policies. So if someone has a mold problem they either pay to fix the problem or abandon the property and foreclose. In the case of foreclosure the bank loses because it now has a property that no one will buy. So they end up abandoning the property and taking the loss or fixing the problem themselves.

The Mortgage Banker's Association recommends that when mold is found in a building, to fix the source of the water leak and clean up the mold as soon as possible

But they state that for buildings in construction, prevention through proper building construction and using newer mold resistant materials is the best course of action. Improved technology will allow better control of mold through better detection of hidden moisture and use of mold resistant building materials.

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Black Toxic Mold, Deadly to Animals, Study Says By Jeanne Marie Kerns

This article is about a report recently published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. This report shows that toxic black mold can be deadly to pets.

A veterinary specialist in Marathon, Florida was performing a dental procedure on 2 cats from different homes. The vet started to notice that during the procedure there was frothy blood in the tubes used to supply the anesthesia for both cats. He immediately stopped the procedure. The one cat died the next day and the other died 2 weeks later.

Blood that had been drawn on the cats was tested and both came back showing levels of the toxin that is produced by stachybotrys chartarum, a toxic black mold. Exposure to this mold has been known to cause respiratory problems, pulmonary hemmorhage, and death. These have only been reported in humans up until now.

The two cats were considered healthy cats and recently been tested and shown to have no illnesses. The cats, however, both lived in homes that suffered water damage as a result of a hurricane in 2005. The cat owners were advised to check their homes for mold and sure enough they both discovered they had severe mold contamination from stachybotrys in their walls.

The toxin produced by stachybotrys weakens the capillaries making them very fragile and suceptable to bursting. The dental procedure was enough to make the fragile cappilaies in the lungs of the cat burst. Both cats died from complications arising from pulmonary hemorrhaging.

Dr. Mader hopes that this study will spur animal owners affected by floods or hurricanes and water damage of any kind to check their houses for mold and if found, have the mold removed immediately.

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