Testimonials- #1 Linda's Story

This is one of my earliest of testimonials from one of the first patients that I saw with toxic black mold syndrome. I was Dr. Short at the time because I had not changed my professional name from my maiden name to married name yet. Dr. Ray

It all started with a prayer on New Years Eve 2007. I had been dealing with an unknown illness on and off for the past few years. That winter, my symptoms had returned in full force and I was desperate to find an answer. Holding hands with friends on New Years Eve, I prayed to God for an answer to the cause of my illness. The very next day my Chiropractor emailed me with a single question that changed my life: “Have you ever tested your home for black mold?” I had not even thought about mold and I went to see her right away for more information. That is when she gave me an article from our local paper about Dr. Short’s new book, “Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome”. I read the article with my mouth ajar. Every symptom she was describing, I had. I went out and bought Dr. Short’s book and called her that same day. Thus began my road to recovery. Talk about an answer to my prayers. I am still blown away by the divine timing of it all.

After many tests with Dr. Short, we discovered that I indeed had been exposed to the nasty stachybotrys strain of black mold and that I also had the dreaded genotype for mold susceptibility. It turned out that I had small amounts of black mold in my entryway closet in my home. In addition, my basement leaked 3-4 times a year, especially in the spring. I also found that my front-load washing machine was also loaded with mold. I had been washing my family’s clothes in a moldy washer for years.

Like so many that suffer from toxic black mold syndrome, my symptoms were so varied that the doctors I was seeing had no idea what was wrong with me. It felt like I was having a stroke, a heart attack, an anxiety attack, chronic fatigue, brain fog, MS and fibromyalgia all at the same time. I became chemical sensitive and sleep was non-existent which made everything feel even worse. Needless to say, most doctors prescribed anti-anxiety medication and said good luck. I was devastated to say the least. As a mother of three young daughters, my fear of never getting better was starting to get the best of me. Depression set in and I felt hopeless.

Working with Dr. Short and the support of my family and friends was my saving grace. During my darkest days they never gave up hope for me. I tried many different kinds of supplements and techniques to rid my body of toxic mold. I can’t really say what combination of supplements actually worked for me but I do feel that detoxification of the body is the key to healing. I drink Limu juice daily and spend at least 45 minutes each week in an infrared sauna to help promote detoxification. I also take a number of immune support supplements to help bolster my immune system against any viruses that may want to weaken my healing efforts. My house is now mold free and I also use an air filtration system in my home.

I am feeling so much better these days. It took about 8 months to feel about 80% better. I still get fatigued more than I should for someone in my early 40’s. I know I still have a ways to go to feel 100% again but I now feel that this goal is reachable. For anyone that is suffering from this illness, please do not give up. I know that it may feel like you will never get better. I know I felt that way often. I hope that by telling my story it will help others who are going through this ordeal to know that there is hope out there. I am sending prayers for your speedy recovery. God Bless!

Linda ~ Royal Oak, MI