Did you know central air and heating systems recirculate your dirty house air and do not pull in any fresh air from the outside? So, if you have mold in your house, it just gets worse.

When the weather is just right you can open your windows and let the fresh air in. But when it's 100 degrees or 10 below outside, you really cannot open your windows.

What if there was a way to replace all the air in your house with fresh air from outside 2 to 3 times a day every day no matter what temperature it is outside?

If you could do this that would lessen the level of mold spores that you would ordinarily be breathing in if you are in a moldy house (as many of us are, unwillingly).

Well there are such things and they are called Air Exchangers,  ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators) or HRVs (Heat Recovery Ventilators). Air Exchangers come in 2 types. ERVs for warmer climates and HRVs for colder climates.

In Canada, building code for the past 20 years has required that every building including homes be equipped with HRVs. In the United States much new construction is now installing ERVs or HRVs in the building process.

There are a few companies that make Air Exchangers. They are basically a fan blowing fresh air in and a fan blowing your dirty house air out with a unit in the middle that either heats the incoming air in winter or cools the incoming air in the summer so you don't freeze in the winter or cook in the summer while trying to just get some fresh air.

They usually run anywhere from 1000 to 2300 dollars for the unit and installation runs anywhere from 200 dollars to 2000 dollars. Installation requires cutting holes in your walls so unless you want to piss off your landlord (which many of us may not care) this may not be an option for renters. And some of the units have HEPA filters to filter the incoming fresh air!

I discovered a cheaper ERV that you can put in a window rather than cutting holes in your walls so its portable and you can install it yourself. It is sold as a ceiling fan but can also be rigged to fit in a window.

By replacing the air in your home with clean fresh air and letting the bad air out, it is like opening your windows on a windy day and letting the fresh clean air wash through your house!

I do believe ERVs will dramatically improve the air quality in your home by diluting  mold spores and VOCs. This just may be the perfect solution for those of us who have become sick from mold but do not have the financial means to leave or remediate their moldy home.


he RecoupAerator® is the ONLY air filtration/ventilation system with All of these features:

  • Self-balancing – Air flow between the fresh air intake and stale air exhaust are automatically balanced
  • EconoCool™ – Brings in cool filtered air in the summer – A/C required less often
  • Brushless Motor Technology – EC Motors Perform quietly and efficiently
  • MERV 12 Filtration – Filters particles as small as 1.8 microns
  • Filter Alert – Automatically signals you when it’s time for filter service
  • Adjustable Fan Speed – Range of air flow to perfectly match fresh air requirements (30-200CFM)

Primary Benefits of the RecoupAerator®

  • Delivers continuous, fresh, healthy air
  • Saves money on ventilation by recovering 96% of building heat energy
  • Automatically balances air flow and pressure
  • Reduces cold air drafts by balancing building pressure
  • Maintains consistent indoor humidity
  • Lowest Cost-of-Ownership
  • Exhausts pollutants to improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduced wear and tear on HVAC system – extends service life
  • Reduced usage of A/C system – saving energy
  • Easiest whole-house ERV to install and maintain


The RecoupAerator® leads the air filtration industry with the highest energy recovery, highest filtration at the lowest amount of energy used- two extremely important measures of performance.

 RecoupAerator 200DX

The RecoupAerator® 200DX is a whole-house Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) that exchanges the stale air of a home with clean fresh air. It provides both ventilation with 96% heat recovery, and air filtration, capturing pollens and mold spores before fresh air is released into the home. This makes the RecoupAerator uniquely suited for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The RecoupAerator® also removes the many contaminants created from inside the home.

Unit cost -----2350.00 with free shipping (a 90 dollar savings)
Installation is a separate cost and varies.



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The PuriFresh® Energy Recovery Ventilator delivers high performance in a compact, easy to install, appliance:

  • It draws in fresh outside air for indoor use, while removing an equal amount of stale indoor air, providing symmetric ventilation;
  • It conditions the temperature of the fresh air to closely match the temperature of the indoor air;
  • It conditions the humidity of the fresh air to closely match the humidity of the indoor air.

In the winter, it ventilates but keeps the cold out.  It reduces indoor humidity to prevent mold growth and dry rot, but it does not excessively dry the air.

In summer, it ventilates but keeps the heat and humidity out.

The patented PuriFresh® ERV provides a clean air solution for sick building syndrome in the home or office.

With its low cost, high performance, and do-it-yourself installation, the PuriFresh® Energy Recovery Ventilator is a true energy saving device!  In many locations, the payback time in reduced energy cost is well under 5 years!  Compare this to the much longer payback time of the other Heat or Energy Recovery Ventilators.  They cannot even be considered energy saving devices.

The PuriFresh® ERV can be installed in a window in minutes, as shown in the pictures on the left, or it can be permanently installed through a wall.  Because of its patented design, maintenance is only suggested once a year to clean the permanent heat exchangers.  Compare this to the three month required maintenance schedule of the other Heat or Energy Recovery Ventilators.