The active ingredient in Limu Moui is brown seaweed and I think brown seaweed is one of the best black mold remedies (mold removal substances) out there. Limu Moui is unique in that it is a brown seaweed supplement in a delicious juice drink.

Seaweed has been used for centuries for toxin removal from the body. The alginates in seaweeds have been known for many years to be toxin binding substances.

Brown seaweed is a black mold remedy that worked for me. At 6 to 8 months following my leaving the mold contaminated building, a lot of my symptoms were already gone. But a few still lingered on. I still had some lingering anxiety and a shaky feeling. After 2 weeks of taking the brown seaweed extract, the shaky feeling was completely gone and the anxiety was gone as well. So I was sold. I still continue to take brown seaweed every day because I feel healthy on it and I believe it is still working to detoxify my body of the mold toxins as well as other toxins encountered daily.

Also, brown seaweed is effective in many of my mold toxic patients. Many report feeling better with it, although if they are really loaded with mold toxins, they initially feel worse on the Limu Moui which is expected. Why is it expected? Well, all the mold toxin removal substances cause a worsening of symptoms because as you pull out the toxins, you are mobilizing toxins out of deeper tissues into the bloodstream. In some cases I have noticed that symptoms seems to get much better once you have been on it for a few weeks. But for others recovery may take months to years.

What does Limu Moui mean? In the language of the people on the island of Tonga where it was first harvested it means brown seaweed. It is a seaweed that grows deep in the pristine Pacific ocean waters off the island of Tonga. For centuries the native people of Tonga have eaten this brown seaweed and attribute their unusual longevity, excellent health, strength and stature to regular consumption of this brown seaweed.

The two main components of the brown seaweed in Limu Moui are fucoidan and alginate. Fuicoidan has been studied extensively. There are over 650 research studies on fucoidan in the scientific literature which can be accessed by searching Pubmed.

Fucoidan is a carbohydrate called a complex polysaccharide. It is composed mostly of fucopyranoside and natural sulfate. It also has trace elements of galactose, xylose and glucoronic acid.

Fucoidan has been shown to help with;

improving immune system function

relieving stomach problems


improving liver function

inhibiting blood clotting

reduction of free radicals

reducing cholesterol levels

improvement of skin health

lowering high blood pressure

lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics

fighting cancer

fighting inflammation in the body

removal of toxins from the body

Alginate is another very important component of Limu moui. Alginate, along with fucoidan too, naturally absorb heavy metals, radioactive heavy metals, toxins and free radicals. Once bound to alginate and fucoidan these toxins do not get reabsorbed back into the body, but get excreted out into the stool. It is a perfect way to eliminate toxins from the body because it just removes them instead of having to rely on the detoxification abilities of one's body. As a holistic physician I am well aware of the fact that some people have better detoxification function than others. So a product such as this that pulls toxins out of the body is very important for maintaining health.

I know there are a lot of healthful nutritious properties to limu moui but I still hold to my belief that it's main benefits are that of toxin removal. I believe that so much of illnesses today are due to a build up of toxins in the body. Some of these toxins, the body just does not know what to do with because the toxin is a man made chemical that the body has never seen before. (ie: plastics from water bottles or heated plastic in the microwave)

Other biotoxins like mycotoxins may not be eliminated by some people due to a glitch in their detoxification system. This is discussed in detail in my book "Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome" . Briefly, studies have shown that one quarter of our population experience toxic black mold symptoms upon exposure, while the other three quarters do not.

Studies have documented the toxin binding ability of alginates in seaweeds. They have shown that alginates bind to endotoxins, a class of natural organic toxins to which mycotoxins belong.

These studies have been done involving purification of alginates to be used in human tissue transplantation. The alginate naturally binds to endotoxins and other toxins in the environment and has to be removed by a special purification process. They have to purify the alginate so it can be used in the tranaplantation of cells.

So, brown seaweed (ie Limu Moui).... binds mycotoxins by binding to the alginate in the seaweed and since alginate is never absorbed into the body it pulls the toxins out of the body via the stool.

In fact, one reason why Limu Moui is harvested in the deep South Pacific ocean waters off the coast of the island of Tonga is because the water there is very clean and there is the least amount of environmental toxins bound to the limu moui that they harvest there.

Some people have asked if environmental toxins like heavy metals can be present in seaweed. Studies show that seaweed may contain minute amounts of environmental toxins. But consider the fact that seaweed is very low on the food chain in the ocean and that fish and seafood are higher up on the food chain and thus concentrate a lot more toxins from the environment. Also, consider the fact that studies have proven that the alginates in seaweed are strong chelators of heavy metals and actually bind tightly and pull heavy metals out of the body. If alginates bind so tightly to heavy metals in the gut why is there any reason to believe that suddenly alginate would release a heavy metal already bound to it.

Seaweeds have been used therapeutically for centuries to help with many ailments . Their effects have been beneficial and healing rather than harmful, so it makes more sense that any minute amount of toxin in the seaweed is not bioavailable (that is bound so tightly to the unabsorbed alginate that it could not be absorbed into the body).

The testimonials on this product are amazing. To me, I think they have to be due to removal of toxins because they are more dramatic than any other nutritional I have ever seen. Although they do not demonstrate that this product is a black mold remedy, here are a few testimonials that I know personally and think are pretty amazing.

A patient of mine introduced me to Limu Moui in February of 2006. She had such an amazing recovery from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia that she attributed to limu moui, that I had to check it out. After 2 months of taking Limu Moui, her fatigue and fibromyalgia had disappeared. She had bloodwork done by me both before she started taking Limu and 2 months after, which were amazing in and of themselves. Before taking Limu her female hormones and DHEA were low for a woman in her mid forties. Also her antibodies against her thyroid were very high meaning her Hashimotos Thyroiditis was very active. After 2 months on the Limu, her female hormones and DHEA were elevated to that of a healthy woman. DHEA, which I consider to be a marker for general overall health had shot up to a healthy level at the upper limit of normal! That really impressed me. Also her thyroid antibodies dropped much lower, suggesting her Hashimotos Thyoiditis was not as active. Now over one year later, she still takes Limu, still has tons of energy, and has no fibromyalgia pain. She says the amount of time she spent sleeping when she was sick is now the amount of time she spends awake. We do not know what caused her fatigue and fibromyalgia. Could it have been an unknown exposure to mycotoxins in her environment? I think it's possible. Or perhaps she had a build up of another toxin that her body could not elliminate without help. She continues to take the limu and continues to feel great. There are clues that suggest to me that the greatest action of the limu in this patient was toxin removal. One is that she says she can now stop the limu and still feel good. The other is that she describes a slow gradual improvement over months and continual improvement the longer she continues on it. That spells out detox to me!

My mother-in-law started taking it for just general health improvement. She said she felt great before she started it. Then one week after starting the Limu, she said the tinnitis (ringing in her ears) went away. Then 2 weeks later she said her neck didn't hurt as much. Its amazing how you don't realize what symptoms you are having untill they are gone.

It is never too soon to start removing mold toxins from your body. The time to act is NOW.

Do not wait until the toxin overload in your system triggers a cancer to form! Studies show that many of the mycotoxins are carcinogenic. That was my biggest fear when I was mold toxic....that I would develop cancer if I did not get these toxins out as soon as I possibly could.

I did not try Limu moui until a year and a half after I began work in the black mold contaminated building. I actually knew about this product but I did not know it was helpful in removing black mold toxins from the body.

You can benefit from my experience. I wish I had come across a website such as this one when I was would have been so helpful. I remember searching the internet for black mold remedies but found only one prescription medication. I wanted a black mold remedy that was more natural but had not found one while I was really sick. It was hard to do a lot of searching when I was feeling horrible.

This is why I decided to create this website, so you will not have to go through the trial and error like I did. I will work to try to provide as much information on this website as I possibly can. I am constantly researching to know more about toxic black mold and different black mold remedies to help those struck with this horrrible syndrome. If I can help people struck with this syndrome live more normal healthy lives, then this website will be worth it.

If I can help people with this syndrome, remove mold toxins from their bodies as quickly as possible, then I can say that I took something bad that happened to me and did some good in exchange. I do not want to sit around feeling sorry for myself that this tragedy had to happen to me. I did do some of that for a while, but not for too long.

You are probably thinking that if this black mold remedy is so good for you and it has brown seaweed in it, that it must taste awful. Well, if my mother, who I consider to be the ultimate taste tester, says it tastes pretty good, then anyone will. I have tried to get my mom to try a lot of things over the years, seaweed was one, but most things failed the taste test. Limu passed.

So, yes, Limu Moui tastes good! It's fruity and refreshing. It has organic mango and papaya puree in it and takes on the flavor of those two fruits and hides the flavor of the brown seaweed extract. And it comes in glass bottles so there is no plastic taste or harmful plastics leaching into the juice! It tastes better refrigerated, so remenber to refigerate it before you open it. It lasts for 6 to 8 months on the shelf ( there is an expiartion date on the bottom of the bottle). An opened bottle in the refigerator lasts for about one to two months. I like it best in a tall glass with lots of ice cubes.

And it's not another pill that you have to swallow. For me that helped alot because I hate swallowing pills. I find it's easier to be compliant when all I have to do is drink 4 oz of a great tasting juice in the am.

And if you are trying to justify the cost which comes to 30 dollars a week or 4 dollars and 28 cents per day, think of it this way. If you have a cappuccino and a muffin at Starbucks every day you have just spent five bucks a day and have not made any positive impact on your life. In fact a coffee and a muffin would actually be negative impacts on your life. ON the other hand, a serving of limu in the morning would supply your body with healthful sea vegetables that are rich in minerals and the substances alginate and fuicoidan that assist in detoxifying your body of heavy metals and other toxins. Also you are getting the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of fuicoidan as well as the anticancer benefits of sea vegetables. So your money would be much better spent on something that is going to heal your body, give you energy, protect you from cancer, remove toxins and provide of rich supply of healthy minerals and iodine.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and would like to try this black mold remedy to start removing mold toxins as well as other toxins from your body as I did then please click on the following link

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