Black Mold Allergy Control

Black mold allergy control is important. We have talked about the toxic aspect of black mold, but to be thorough we should not forget that toxic black mold is still a mold and one can develop allergies to it just like any other mold. So it is important to also control the allergic component of toxic black mold syndrome. Many people may not develop the toxic component of black mold syndrome but will develop the allergic component of this syndrome. Some unlucky ones have both.

The allergic component of toxic black mold syndrome can include things like nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinnitis, hives, and asthma.

One of the most effective ways to control black mold allergy symptoms as well as other mold allergies is through the use of supplemental enzymes.

The enzyme, amylase, decreases inflammation in the nose and sinus cavities helping to alleviate sinusitis that is resulting from an allergic reaction to mold.

The enzyme, cellulase, has the abilty to destroy fungus or yeast cells by digesting the outer wall of the fungus or yeast. Fungus and yeast belong in the plant world so their outer membrane is plant like, thus easily digested by the enzyme cellulase. So any candida or other fungal infection you may develop as a result of a depressed immune system from the mold toxins, can be elliminated with the use of cellulase. The presence of candida or other fungal overgrowth, can trigger a worsening of black mold allergy symptoms.

The protease enzymes as well as lipase and amylase are helpful in breaking up immune complexes that are present in autoimmune diseases. Black mold seems to be involved in triggering some of the autoimmune diseases, so treatment to break up the immune complexes is very helpful.

If you cannot afford enzyme therapy, you can do it naturally through a raw food diet. It is more difficult because dietary changes are always difficult. A raw food diet supplies the enzymes needed to digest food and to help in other bodily processes. Cooking and heating destoys enzymes.

A raw food diet consists of eating raw fruits, vegetables, raw,soaked nuts and seeds, raw honey. It can be vegan or some people eat raw dairy products in addition. Some people eat raw fish in the form of sushi. Some people eat raw eggs or soft boiled eggs. Some people eat rare steak. Grains can not really be digested raw so they are usually not included in any raw food diets. Raw food diets do not contain any sugar or flour products.

Especially if you opt for the vegan raw food diet you should include raw avacados and raw fresh coconuts (both fresh young and mature). Even if you are not vegan though you should include these wonderful sources of the enzyme lipase in your diet.

When you avoid sugar and grains on a raw food diet, you free up your levels of amylase in your body. So instead of this enzyme being used up in the digestion of too much grains and sugars, it can be used in the body in the control of allergies which it seems to be so good at. Eating too many grains and sugars depletes your body of amylase and gives you an amylase deficiency which makes allergies far worse. That is one reason why avoiding grains seems to be so helpful in controlling black mold allergy symptoms.

When you take the enzymes supplements it is suggested that you follow somewhat of a raw food diet. The enzymes seem to work even better when combined with a raw food diet. The more raw you are the more effective they are. It is all about how healthy you want to be.

The best enzyme supplements in my opinion are the ones I take myself made by a company called Enzyme Formulations. Their enzymes are vegetarian and in small easy to swallow capsule form. They are high quality and high potency. There are many different types to treat many different conditions. Some of them are combined with various herbs, vitamins, minerals and natural hormones to increase their beneficial effects. Many of their enzymes require recommendation by a health care practioner. But they do carry a line of general enzymes that can be purchased by the general public. To find out more about these supplements click on the link below.

Enzyme Formulations, Inc for black mold allergy control

On the enzyme formulations website you can also locate a healthcare practioner that specializes in this form of treatment.

I have used these enzymes for myself time and time again with great results. I found the amylase supplements to very helpful in the control of the black mold allergy symptoms that I experienced.

I have some patients that have used enzymes with great success. I even have a patient who cured her sarciiodosis (an autoimmune disease) soley through the use of these enzyme supplements. Her pulmonologist actually told her that her sarcoidosis was gone, not even in remmision, but gone. The doctor told her that she does not get to have this conversation with many of her sarcoidosis patients.

So, whether you takes enzymes in a supplement form, through the implementation of a raw food diet or both, you are going to notice a distinct improvement in your health. This is true whether you are suffering from black mold allergy symptoms, or other conditions such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, candida overgrowth syndrome, cancer etc.

I believe that enzymes will help in just about any disease because they free up enzymes to be used in the body for many purposes. Enzymes are used in every system in the body and when they are depleted after many years of a cooked food diet, many diseases can gain a foothold.


There is more help besides enzymes to control your allergies. A substance found in abundance in apples and onions called quercetin helps control allergy symptoms. It works by stabilizing the mast cells in your body so they do not release histamine and other allergic mediators in response to an allergic exposure.

Other substances that help control allergies are stinging nettles, vitamin C, bromelain and n-acetyl-cysteine.

A supplement I highly recommend to control allergy symptoms is:

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