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Irresponsible manufacturing is responsible for the pollutants we now need to get out of our bodies.

Any product claiming to help with those pollutants should be environmentally friendly and those claims should be verifiable.

The Thermal Life infrared sauna made by High Tech Health, is the world’s most environmentally friendly sauna. From the materials they use,  it's transportation from the factory to your home,  all the way to its contribution to your home environment and electric bill,  there is no better sauna than a Thermal Life.

The electronics they use are third-party certified to meet Europe’s RoHS requirement (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) by the European testing organization TUV SUD, who also ensures their sauna meets Europe’s strict safety requirements. 

The RoHS requirement restricts the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and brominated fire retardants. Lead and fire retardants are very common in electronics.

Lead can cause a range of health problems including behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and seizures. Brominated fire retardants persist in the environment, accumulate in living organisms and cause liver toxicity, thyroid toxicity, and neurodevelopmental toxicity. 

Eco-conscious Glue:

Their wood glue is non-toxic, non-outgassing, water-based, and solvent free unlike other companies that use toxic glue.


High Tech Health saunas have been the choice of clinics worldwide since before most sauna companies were in business. Our customers want the sauna that will have the greatest health benefit and this has always driven our design choices. All of our design choices from our materials, heaters, and accessories to our control panels, are tailored to give you the most successful experience. No other sauna company has nearly as much knowledge of detoxification and we have used this knowledge to produce the most successful infrared therapy protocols available. If you want results, the High Tech Health far infrared sauna is the best choice you can make. 

Designed For Detox™

No other sauna company knows as much about detoxification as High Tech Health, and no other company specializes in providing the best sauna possible for this purpose. Because of our long history of doing this, we have successfully helped more people than any other company - including some of the sickest of the sick, people with problems other sauna companies don't understand and couldn't begin to address. These are the reasons more doctors and health practitioners recommend our far infrared sauna than any other.

Hypoallergenic, Solid Poplar Wood

After extensive research, we found poplar to be the superior wood of choice in saunas for health-minded people. Cedar was the original wood used for saunas because of its ability to withstand high heat, water, and exposure to the elements. Since modern saunas do not operate at such high heats, do not require the use of either fire or water, and are usually used indoors, cedar is no longer either necessary or recommended.

 In fact, the use of cedar for saunas, actually contributes to the "total toxic burden" of the sauna user. Cedar wood contains terpines (volatile oils that are lung irritants). The cedrene* and cedral* in the wood are lung irritants and can also produce gastrointestinal symptoms, aspiration and pulmonary toxicity, and other problems. 

Poplar wood does not outgas any chemicals or have strong, objectionable odors making it superior to cedar, redwood, hemlock, and basswood for individuals addressing health problems related to toxicity or those with allergies, chronic disease, or chemical sensitivities. Poplar is the wood recommended by toxicologists for clinical or home use of therapy saunas used for medical purposes. 

Only the Best Materials Go into a Thermal Life Sauna

In addition to using the best, safest wood, our windows are made of safe tempered glass. Glass brings none of the concerns one might have with a plastic window off-gassing and contributing to a person's total toxic burden.

 Also, owning a High Tech Health sauna gives you the peace of mind that in the few places where glue is used, it is only water-based and emits no harmful chemicals or odors. 

Our Controls and Bio-Resonance™ Heaters will Ensure Your Successful Detoxification

Toxins that cannot be metabolized and excreted from the body are stored in fat cells that exist throughout our bodies and in every organ. By retaining these toxins, they accumulate over time. Though your exposure to, for instance, pesticides may be brief and sporadic, over many exposures your total toxic burden is increasing. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that the broad variety of toxins we carry around in our bodies have a synergistic effect with each other. A sort of 1 + 1 = 3 situation. In other words, the pesticides you were exposed to while working in your yard and the mercury toxicity you acquired from your amalgam dental fillings combine to have a more deleterious effect on your health than either would independently. 

Detoxification is a delicate process in which toxins are mobilized out of fat cells and into your sweat and blood stream. The mobilized toxins in your blood are then handled by your body's detoxification system, processed through the kidneys, and excreted via the urine and the stool.

Studies indicate that sweating can offload as much as 33% of the burden placed on your kidneys. However, this still requires your body's natural detoxification system to be able to handle the quantity of toxins in the blood stream. If too many toxins enter the blood stream, flu-like symptoms result. Ridding your body of its toxic burden should not be a miserable experience. It is actually quite an enjoyable experience when it is done with your body in a state of balance. 

The Thermal Life sauna is designed to allow anyone to detoxify at a rate that is appropriate for them. All of us have had different levels of exposure as well as exposure to different toxins. We all can rid our body of the toxins, but the rate at which that happens needs to be appropriate to the individual.

Our sauna's heaters and the control system were engineered for maximum control during detoxification. Our extensive experience with detoxification as well as the protocols you will receive with the purchase of your sauna will ensure you have the safest, most effective and enjoyable detoxification experience. 

Controlled detoxification is not about having the largest heaters possible. Its about having the appropriate ones for the job. Just as adding a little bit of salt to food can bring out the flavor while adding a huge amount of salt ruins the taste and gives you an unhealthy dose of sodium, so it is with the size of heaters in a sauna.

Our Bio-Resonance ™ heaters are sized to work in conjunction with our controls to provide the optimal level of far infrared exposure no matter where you are in your detoxification process. They are also located throughout the cabin such that they provide complete coverage inside the enclosure.

 A special feature of our Bio-Resonance™ heaters is the nature of the far infrared rays that they emit. Far infrared is a band of electromagnetic energy, just as visible light and ultraviolet light are. The difference between visible light and far infrared is that we cannot see far infrared. Far infrared is experienced as heat and this is how the heat from the sun reaches the Earth through the vacuum of space. Far infrared differs from ultraviolet in that it affects the body differently—far infrared is not harmful to the body in anyway and does not lead to sunburns or skin cancer the way exposure to ultraviolet can. What makes far infrared so special is how it is absorbed by the body. It is in sharp contrast to a band of energy called near infrared that is also experienced as heat. Near infrared energy is absorbed only on the surface of the skin. It is experienced as a sharper heat sensation. It is also what is emitted by the heat lamps you see warming hamburgers at the local fast food restaurant. Far infrared, on the other hand, is absorbed into the body up to a depth of 1 and a half inches. It is experienced as a softer heat sensation which is quite enjoyable. It is this experience that people enjoy about sun bathing. It is also this particular property that enables superior detoxification. By being able to penetrate into the body, it is able to mobilize toxins that other forms of detoxification just cannot reach (chelation does not have this ability). To be specific, far infrared is a different set of frequencies (or wavelengths - sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably, though they are inversely related) than near infrared. Just as red light is different from blue light because it has a different frequency (or wavelength). The band of energy described as far infrared actually encompasses a very large range. Most of this range actually can pass right through the body without absorption. Though Bio-Resonance heaters are referred to as 'far infrared', they in fact only emit the best portion of the far infrared spectrum - those frequencies which contribute to detoxification. To summarize, with a Thermal Life sauna you can count on an enjoyable sauna experience that provides the best detoxification controllable at a rate that is perfect for you. 

for more info see http://www.dmwoodworkers.org/images/NonImage/General/WoodToxicity.pdf.